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eConsult Clinical Question

A 36-year-old man who recently emigrated from India who received the full course of Covaxin (2 doses). What vaccine course should he receive here in the US? We are giving him his first Pfizer dose. How many additional doses should he receive?

eConsult Response

  1. Restatement of the question: Patient received 2 doses of Covaxin in India and a single shot of Pfizer on in the US, should they receive additional doses of an FDA approved/authorized vaccine?
  2. Recommendation(s): CDC considers someone vaccinated with two doses of the WHO Covaxin vaccine to be "fully vaccinated". A subsequent dose of mRNA vaccine (Pfizer) would be considered a booster. There is no formal CDC guidance regarding additional doses at this time.
  3. Rationale and/or evidence for recommendation: WHO and CDC guidance.
  4. Contingency plan: N/A

These real-life examples have some limitations. Given the evolving recommendations and guidance on COVID-19 care, these cases should not be considered complete or definitive and may not reflect the most up-to-date guidance.