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eConsult Clinical Question

A 49-year-old man who tested positive for COVID went to emergency department and was given monoclonal antibodies. This worked quite well, and he recovered quickly. He was told that he should not receive a booster for 90 days. With the new variants, would you recommend that he get a booster anyway?

eConsult Response

  1. Restatement of the question: Guidance regarding COVID vaccine booster after episode of COVID infection and treatment with monoclonal antibodies. Does patient need to wait 90 days after Rx with monoclonal antibodies to get booster?
  2. Recommendation(s): The patient should wait 90 days after receipt of monoclonal antibodies to get vaccine booster.
  3. Rationale and/or evidence for recommendation: Anti-COVID monoclonal antibodies will neutralize COVID vaccines out to 90 days rendering it ineffective.

These real-life examples have some limitations. Given the evolving recommendations and guidance on COVID-19 care, these cases should not be considered complete or definitive and may not reflect the most up-to-date guidance.